Why Arena Eye Surgeons is Your Top Choice for Lasik, Glaucoma, Corneal, and Cataract Treatments in Canal Winchester, Ohio

When it comes to your eyesight, make sure you are getting the best possible care. Our professionals Arena Eye Surgeons are dedicated in giving their patients the highest possible care you should expect. Our surgeons specialize in Lasik procedures, cataract surgeries, glaucoma, and corneal treatments.

Professional Lasik Surgeons in Canal Winchester, Ohio.
Your eyesight is very important to you. At Arena Eye Surgeons, your care is the doctors and staff’s top priority. The doctors are certified and highly experienced. They are well-trained in the most up-to-date procedures and equipment. Lasik or refractive surgery often eliminates the need for glasses or contacts by correcting vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Make an appointment to see if you are a candidate.

Cataract Surgeons helping Canal Winchester, Ohio residents.
Cataracts cause a cloudy film over the eye, making it very difficult to see properly. The doctors at Arena Eye Surgeons use a surgical procedure known as Extracapsular Cataract Extraction, which removes the cataract. If you are affected by poor vision and have symptoms of cataracts, call and make an appointment today.

Advanced Glaucoma Treatments in Canal Winchester, Ohio.
Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness. It usually affects adults and the chance increases as you age. Glaucoma doesn’t always have clear symptoms, but it can lead to a medical emergency if not treated. Everyone should be checked for glaucoma at regular eye exams. There are several options when treating glaucoma. If you are diagnose with this disease, call the Arena Eye Surgeons’ office and make an appointment as quickly as possible to begin the treatment right for you.

For Lasik surgery, glaucoma and cataract treatments, Arena Eye Surgeons is your top choice. Their surgeons have treated thousands of patients for these procedures and can help you have better vision.

At Arena Eyes Surgeons, “Arena Eye Surgeons is dedicated to the highest quality patient care with respect and compassion–One Patient At A Time.”,” is their motto. Make us your top choice by making an appointment today. We have two convenient locations.

Our office in Columbus is located at 262 Neil Avenue, Suite 320. You may call this office at (614) 228-4500.

Our other office is located at 551 West Central Avenue, Suite 101 in Delaware. The telephone number for the Delaware office is (740) 368-5500.

If you’re located out of these areas, please call our toll free number at (888) 372-3937.

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