Corneal Disease: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention.

Normally, an eye is protected by an outer shell that is called a cornea. This naturally protects individuals from harm as potential irritants are introduced to an eye throughout the course of life. In addition to this, the cornea is able to filter out harmful gasses and even some of the bad UV light that can come from the sun. However, corneal disease can disrupt this natural balance by causing the eye to slowly repair itself after an injury. Since eyes are so important to daily life, individuals should always take the potential for corneal disease very seriously in order to live healthy lives. Below is an explanation of what individuals today need to know about corneal disease and what to watch for if they might have it.

Corneal Disease Symptoms

The most obvious sign of a possible corneal disease is an eye that fails to repair itself quickly after an injury. Many individuals who have been diagnosed with corneal disease have intermittent pain in their eyes brought on by the syndrome. Another common sign of having the disease is particularly acute blurred vision that seems to be getting worse quickly. In extreme cases, individuals may even see physical eye tearing, redness, or even scarring. Individuals who witness these issues should take immediate action to have their eyes assessed by a professional to stop the problem before it gets worse.

Possible Causes

Corneal disease is often a symptom or result of other eye diseases. Keratitis is one such disease, which can cause severe pain, reduced vision quality, and even discharge. This disease can be quite serious, though it is very simple to treat with just a few drops. Ocular herpes are a viral infection that can manifest itself in the eyes. This can be caused both from the sexually-transmitted disease and the simple variant of the virus. This syndrome can be controlled, though there is no perfect cure. There are also hundreds of other diseases that can cause corneal diseases, making this issue very diverse in nature.


Corneal disease can be prevented with simple strategies that many individuals already employ on a daily basis. Contacts should be thoroughly cleaned before being inserted into an eye. If working in a potentially hazardous environment, individuals should be careful to protect their eyes with safety glasses. Finally, healthy individuals should avoid coming in contact with others that might be infected with conjunctivitis.

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