I wanted to leave feedback about my recent surgeries with Dr Karl Pappa on Jan 27 (left eye) and Feb 10, 2021 (right eye). This has been the fulfillment of a dream to be able to actually see without assistance. I have been nearsighted most of my life and cataracts made my eyes even worse. After the surgeries the result has been absolutely miraculous to me. The preparation was very thorough and the staff very professional and friendly at the Delaware office. The same was true with the Columbus team during both operations. I can tell when people truly care and I feel that was quite clear in all my interactions at both offices. People can make a difference. Dr Pappa and all team members certainly did make an immensely positive difference for me. I even received a “Speedy Recovery” card signed by dozens of the eye center staff shortly after my 2nd surgery. Wow. I would highly recommend this team to anyone seeking eye surgery. In fact, my youngest daughter has already contacted Arena Eye Surgeons about Lasik surgery! Thank you so much!

-Andy S.

All the staff kept me informed about the procedure; before, during, and after. They made me feel more comfortable throughout the process. My doctor was very personable and described what he was doing during each step of the procedure, which took away my nervousness. His follow up call was also nice after the procedure was over. I would definitely recommend the Arena Eye Surgeons to anyone I knew.

-Amber K.

Arena Eye Surgeons staff was professional and friendly. My doctor was amazing and I knew I was in good hands. I would absolutely recommend anyone to choose Arena Eye Surgeons for their procedure.

-Julie K.

Everyone at Arena Eye Surgeons was helpful with questions and making me feel comfortable with the process. My doctor was great by explaining the process and kept me informed as to expectations. He did a great job!

-Maria C.

The entire staff was welcoming and friendly. They smile and pay attention and set my mind at ease. My doctor was incredible. He and his tech communicated everything and did an exceptional job at explaining what to anticipate. I would absolutely recommend anyone to Arena and in fact I was referred here by a former patient!

-Kristina B.

The doctor was very kind, not only during my first examination, but during the surgery. I never doubted him for a second and had complete faith that he would do a great job which he did. I can easily say that it was one of the greatest times I’ve spent in the healthcare environment. I wouldn’t trust anyone else more-so than Arena Eye Surgeons.

-Austin H.

Arena Eye Surgeons were extremely friendly, accommodating, helpful and eager to address my questions and concerns. They explained the whole process and made me feel comfortable and confident. My doctor was also very friendly and helpful. He made me feel comfortable throughout the process; before, during, and after surgery. I would definitely recommend Arena Eye Surgeons and in fact my husband will likely schedule his procedure soon.

-Diane C.

I had a remarkable experience! I couldn’t have felt more comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. Everyone was friendly and helpful. My Doctor was the best! He talked me through the procedure perfectly. He made me calm and confident the whole time. I’ve already told many people to come and see Arena Eye Surgeons. Their experience and expertise can’t be beat!

-Sara D.

The staff at Arena Eye Surgeons were courteous and efficient. My doctor was great! He immediately put me at ease after our first visit. He repeatedly asked me if I had any questions or concerns. He set expectations of what my experience would be and three weeks later I couldn’t be happier, this is a life changer!

-Megan E.

My doctor’s patient care was amazing. He told me every move he made so I knew exactly what to expect. The also took the time to answer my questions and listen to my concerns. The staff was incredible also. The girls were friendly and explained every step of the way. Sue even held my hand to help calm my nerves. Arena Eye Surgeons make this experience the best it can be and you will leave knowing the staff and doctor are truly concerned for your health.

-Ashley N. Z.

My entire experience was great! I went from 20/200 to 20/25 on the first day post op. The staff was very caring and informative, my doctor was the best! He personally called me after surgery to check up on me and saw me on a Saturday! I couldn’t have asked for better service. Don’t change a thing, everything was Fantastic!

-Lindsey P.