What To Expect During Your Laser Eye Surgery Consultation with Arena Eye Surgeons in Columbus, Ohio.

Although you might be eager to pick out your first pair of non-prescription sunglasses, the very first step in laser eye surgery is the consultation process. This is when your eye doctor will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for LASIK or any other laser eye surgery procedure. Your consultation will include a non-invasive examination of your eyes and an in-depth discussion. Based on the results of these, your provider can determine if laser eye surgery is a suitable treatment for you. He or she can also suggest the best possible procedure, whether this is PRK or LASIK.

Getting Ready For Your Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Our team will instruct you to stop using your contact lenses several days or weeks before your consultation appointment. The shape of the cornea can be distorted by contact lenses and it will be necessary for the cornea to return to its original shape by the time your consultation appointment arrives.

What To Expect

One the day of your consultation, we will meet in a private room to discuss your use of contacts and eyeglasses, your goals and expectations for the procedure and the reasons why you wish to have laser eye surgery performed. Many people think that laser eye surgery will eliminate the need to use contacts and glasses entirely, however, this just isn’t the case. For instance, many individuals will become reliant upon reading glasses as part of the normal aging process.

You are a good candidate for laser eye surgery if you have feasible goals and expectations for this procedure like limiting the need for contacts and eyeglasses or having more active lifestyles.

We will also discuss your health history during your visit. Autoimmune disease, diabetes and other general health issues can have an impact on your candidacy for this surgery and on your post-surgery recovery.

Certain prescription and over-the-counter drugs such as migraine pills, can also have an impact on the recovery process. These and other lifestyle factors like alcohol consumption, drug use and participation in full-contact sports will influence candidacy as also. These are all things that your provider will likely inquire about when determining your candidacy for this procedure.

Comprehensive Exams As Part Of Laser Eye Surgery Consultations

The next step in your consultation for laser eye surgery will be a complete eye examination. Your exam will probably include a few tests that you’re familiar with such as prescription measurement and pupil dilation. Our doctor will additionally perform a variety of tests that are specific to vision correction through laser surgery. Your cornea will be measured including its topography, curvature and thickness. Your provider may additionally test for dry eyes by performing a tear-film test. All tests are explained in detail before they are performed and none of them will cause any significant discomfort.

What You’ll Learn During Your Consultation

After your exam is complete, you and your provider can talk about the results and about whether or not you have been determined to be a good candidate. Good candidates for laser eye surgery will have the opportunity to ask about the procedures that are believed to be best for their individual needs. PRK and LASIK are the two most widely recommended procedures for vision correction.


Let the professionals at Arena Eye Surgeons support your consideration for this life changing procedure. Call and schedule your Consultation today!