What causes dry eye and how is it treated in Columbus, Ohio?

Everyone has experienced dry eye at some point. A problem occurs when dry eye is happening every day making performing normal tasks difficult. There are solutions available. Here is what causes dry eye and how it is treated in Columbus, Ohio.

Different Causes of Dry Eye

Several things can cause dry eye. The first is being in a drafty and dry environment such as a room with strong air conditioning. It can be caused by actual damage or malformations of the eyelid that prevent it from closing correctly. Certain diseases like rheumatoid arthritis can lead to dry eye. A few prescription medications cause dry eye as a side effect. Aging tends to increase the severity of dry eye. A final potential cause is hormonal changes like those that occur during menopause.

Using Eye Drops

The single most common treatment for dry eye is using over-the-counter eye drops. These are called artificial tears. Some are just a saline solution while others contain various ingredients to improve tear production. The drops are used whenever the eyes start to feel dry during the day. It can take time to find eye drops that will work for a person since everyone responds differently to various products.

Plug the Tear Ducts

A second possible treatment for dry eye in Columbus, Ohio is to plug the tear ducts. This can be done temporarily or permanently depending on the individual situation. A tiny plug is inserted into the tear ducts. This will force more tears up into the eye to keep it lubricated and moist. The temporary version of this medical procedure uses plugs that will dissolve away over time. Permanent plugs will last a lifetime.

Unclog Tear Ducts with a Medical Device

Structural problems with the tear ducts can cause them to clog. The way doctors in Columbus, Ohio treat this is to implant a medical device near the ducts. The device is placed in the body where it gently applies pressure along with heat to the gland that produces tears and oils. The result is that more is excreted to keep the eyes from becoming dry.

Prescription Ointments

A final possible treatment for dry eye in Columbus, Ohio is prescription medications. There are prescription eye drops and ointments that can make a real difference. The ointments are thicker and help to prevent dry eye while someone is sleeping. The medications are effective for many people but sometimes come with unwanted side effects. These are generally a last resort only for people with chronic dry eye.
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