Femto–Second Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

Femto–Second Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

In laser cataract surgery, an advanced femto-second laser replaces or assists use of a hand-held surgical tool for the following steps in cataracts surgery:

1. The corneal incision

2. The capsulotomy

3. Cataract Fragmentation

The use of the laser can improve the reproducibility of each of these steps. At Arena Eye Surgeons, we are utilizing the LenSx system by Alcon, which was the first to gain FDA approval for cataract surgery performed in the U.S.

Astigmatism Correction at the time of cataract surgery

During femto-second assisted cataract surgery, your surgeon has the option to also utilize laser assisted incisions in the periphery of your cornea to reduce the amount of astigmatism, allowing for better focusing after cataract surgery.

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