At your cataract consultation at Arena Eye Surgeons, you will be educated on the method of cataract removal, traditional blade-based approach and laser-assisted approach to cataract surgery. Further advanced diagnostic testing will be performed so that we can help achieve your vision goals after surgery.

Using the most up to date Optical Biometry or A-scan capabilities, we will be able to determine what power of implant that is best for your eye.

Additionally, during the surgery, we can also determine the optical power of a patient’s eye using ORA with verify to allow for better IOL selection and assure a good visual outcome.

The Cataract Procedure Can Be Simplified To 3 Steps:

1. A small incision is made with a diamond blade in the peripheral cornea to allow a tiny instrument to pass through.

2. Ultrasonic energy (called phacoemulsification) is used to break the cataract into tiny fragments, which are then suctioned away.

3. A new lens of your choice is inserted.

At your consultation, you will be presented with lens options, and your surgeon will help make a recommendation based on your visual needs.