How to Choose the Right Doctor to perform your Refractive (Lasik) Surgery

The decision to have laser or surgical vision correction is an important one that you should make carefully, not quickly. Choose a practice that focuses on safety, diagnostic technology, post-operative follow-up. Obviously, the experience of the surgeon is extremely important as well. We hope you will choose Arena Eye Surgeons as your provider, but if you’re shopping around, use this checklist to compare.

Has the surgeon been doing PRK and LASIK for many years?

Has the surgeon performed hundreds of LASIK procedures per year, and does he/she provide care for these patients before and after the procedure?

Does the surgeon dedicate much of his/her practice to the specialty of refractive surgery?

Is the surgeon corneal fellowship trained?

Has the surgeon been practicing in Columbus for many years?

Does the surgeon practice in Columbus full time?

Does the surgeon use a fully upgraded, state of the art laser on all patients?

Is the surgeon a certified LASIK teacher for United States doctors, and does he/she also teach medical students, residents, optometrists or other ophthalmologists?

Has the doctor or his family had lasik?